Seminario Dr. Carlo Mancini Terracciano, Prof. ssa Cecilia Voena, Prof. Giancarlo De Gasperis

Mercoledì, 7 Settembre, 2022 - 11:00

Mercoledì 7 settembre
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ORE 11.00

Dr. Carlo Mancini Terracciano vincitore procedura selettiva  RTDB 02D1  FIS/07 CODICE CONCORSO 2021RTDB023

 Title: Applications of Nuclear Physics to Medicine

Nuclear Physics and methods, such as data analysis, developed for Nuclear and Particle Physics have many applications in Medicine. I will give an overview of my overall research, focused on these applications. In particular, I will present WIDMApp, a research project aimed at revolutionising the molecular radio-therapy monitoring and the work done on a nuclear reaction model called BLOB (Boltzmann-Lagevein One Body) to adapt it to simulate 12C reactions. The simulation of these reactions is of particular interest for ion-therapy Monte Carlo simulations. I will also present the possibility of using a generative Deep Learning algorithm to emulate BLOB, to overcome its running time overhead.


Ore 11.30

Prof. ssa Cecilia Voena  vincitrice procedura selettiva  prof. II fascia SSD FIS/01 CODICE CONCORSO 2021PAE008


Title: The Quest for Physics Beyond the Standard Model using Flavour


The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics has been found  highly successful in describing the fundamental particles and their interactions 

by experiments performed in the last decades.  Nevertheless, the SM does not explain several observed phenomena, like, for example, the 

matter-anti matter asymmetry in the universe, and it is thus believed it's an incomplete description of Nature. Many Beyond Standard Model (BSM) 

theories have been proposed and  there is a huge worldwide effort to verify them; so far, no unambiguous experimental evidence has been found.

Flavour physics is a powerful probe of BSM physics and some anomalies have been recently observed by experiments, with respect to SM expectations. 

In this talk, I will give an overview of current results and future perspectives, with a focus on processes that involve muons.


Ore 12.00

Prof. Giancarlo De Gasperis vincitore procedura selettiva prof. II fascia SSD FIS/05 CODICE CONCORSO 2021PAA032


 Title: Mapping the CMB: from LSS to our galaxy


Recovering the CMB polarisation, and in particular the B-modes produced during the inflationary early phase the Universe, asks for both a deep knowledge of the instrument, an accurate data analysis pipeline and a good understanding of all the foreground contributions which may distort the signal we are interested in.
I will enlighten with walk-trough from CMB to our galaxy to expose the challenges of data analysis and my up-to date work in the field


Giovedì 8 settembre

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