Convocazione seminario vincitore procedura selettiva RTDA PNRR IR Dr. Massimo Mastrodicasa,

Mercoledì, 17 Maggio, 2023 - 14:00

Mercoledì 17.05.2023 alle ore 14.00 in aula Rasetti si terrà il seminario  del Dr. Massimo Mastrodicasa, vincitore della procedura RTDA  2022RTDAPNRR129 02A1 FIS/01

Si potrà partecipare in presenza o in alternativa da remoto in collegamento Zoom :


Titolo: Real-time multi-messenger astrophysics with KM3NeT

Abstract: KM3NeT is a deep-sea neutrino observatory under construction at two sites in the Mediterranean Sea. The KM3NeT observatory takes active part to the real-time multi-messenger searches, which allow to study transient phenomena by combining information from the simultaneous observation of complementary cosmic messengers with different observatories. The KM3NeT real-time analysis framework aims at performing the reconstruction of neutrino events, searching for spatial and temporal coincidences with other messengers to discover the inner engine of extreme sources like gamma ray bursts, core collapse supernovae or binary systems.



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