Fabio Leoni, "Neural networks applications in Soft Matter", Dip. Fisica [chiamata]

Mercoledì, 27 Settembre, 2023 - 12:00

Il giorno 27 settembre ore 12.00 in presenza in Sala Lauree e tramite collegamento zoom


si terrà il seminario del DR. Fabio Leoni, vincitore della procedura selettiva RTDA 2023RTDAPNRR132 FIS03 02B2


Title: Neural networks applications in Soft Matter

Neural networks (NN) are finding a large array of implementations in many fields of Science, in particular in materials research. Applications go from structures classification and pattern recognition to materials design and crafting of efficient potentials trained with accurate data from ab initio quantum calculations.
I will discuss the application of NN for local structure identification to the problem of homogeneous nucleation in stacking disordered crystals.
Finally, I will consider the application of NN for the characterization of amorphous solid phases in simple liquids and water.


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