AVVISO DI SEMINARIO Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Betti: Magnetism in low dimensional structures

Lunedì, 2 Dicembre, 2019 - 14:00

Magnetism in low dimensional structures  Dimension and symmetry reduction in magnetic structures, involving transition metal (TM) elements and their alloys, can induce higher spin moments and larger magnetic anisotropy with respect to the 3D counterparts. Architectures of low dimensional magnetic systems with controlled spin flip energy and magnetic moments are valuable requisites to construct stable magnetic memories and spin currents devices.  I will discuss new opportunities to manipulate and to tune the magnetization of ferromagnetic (FM) layers and molecular spin interfaces with magnetic state stable against thermal fluctuations . Intercalation of a single layer of 3d ferromagnetic metals/alloys beneath graphene (Gr) is a viable route to optimize the Gr/3d ferromagnet state of a Fe, Co layer, with enhanced spin and orbital moments . These magnetic substrates with a fine control of the magnetic activity at the nanoscale are an ideal platform to design interface architectures coupled with single atomic/molecular bits.A few illustrative examples of molecular magnets deposited, as an ordered network on Gr intercalated by ferromagnetic substrate (Fe,Co), demonstrate how we can control the FM or AFM magnetic coupling, how to enhance the spin flip energy and the stability of the magnetic state against thermal fluctuations of these spin molecular interfaces .

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