• Where can I find information about accommodation?

  • Where can I find the academic calendar?

  • Where Can I find the academic offer of the CORIS Department?
    Bachelor’s degrees.
    Master’s degrees.

  • Where can I find the entire  academic offer of La Sapienza?
    Catalogo Corsi/Courses Catalog.

  • Where can I find the courses to attend?
    Catalogo Corsi/Courses Catalog, select a specific Degree course, then select “FREQUENTARE” or “ATTENDANCE” and then the subject you are interested in.

  • In which language are the lessons held?
    The language of teaching is indicated by a flag.

  • Can I attend courses in different Faculties?

  • Who is my Erasmus Sapienza contact person?
    The coordinator in charge of your mobility. You can find the contact list of the coordinators here. The coordinator in charge of your mobility, manages it for administrative aspects.

  • Who in Sapienza must sign documents of my mobility?
    The coordinator in charge of your mobility.

  • Who can I ask for educational information?
    You can ask the coordinator of the Faculty which manages the Degree program you are interested in.

  • Is it possible to divide a course into 2 separate parts?
    No. You must attend the course and take the exam as it is on the Infostud platform.

  • Can I create an alternative Infostud profile?
    Absolutely not! Use the profile originally created.

  • What are and how do I receive the credentials for Infostud?
    The credentials for Infostud are your Sapienza student number and a password. You receive the credentials by email. When you access the platform for the first time, you are required to change the password.

  • I lost my Infostud password, what can I do?
    You can use the password recovery tool or ask for a password reset by email to erasmusincoming@uniroma1.it.

  • What can I put in the L.A.?
    Exams, thesis research, internship (to be carried on only inside Sapienza), Italian language course.

  • Do I have to look for a Sapienza tutor for the thesis research and internship?
    Yes. You must independently look for those tutors. You can contact Prof.s by email.

  • Can I include in the learning agreement subjects whose courses last an entire academic year?
    Yes. In that case the mobility must last an entire academic year or must be extended.

  • Is there an Italian language course available for exchange students?
    Yes. it is worth 3 ECTS. It must be selected during the application procedure, and it’s provided by the CLA



  • How can I register my arrival?

    You must send to erasmuscomunicazione@uniroma1.it (if your mobility is managed by the Department of Communication and Social Research ) an email with the boarding pass of the flight or ask your landlord to confirm your actual arrival in Rome.

  • What date is indicated on the certificate of arrival?

    The date indicated in your boarding pass or by your landlord.

  • Where can I pick up my student card?

    At the coordinator’s Office. You’ll receive an email with an appointment. 

  • Where can I find information on the tax code?
    In the international student guide. Search for “ Codice Fiscale “.

  • Can I change my Learning Agreement?
    Yes. You can do it whenever you want and as many times you want.

  • Is it mandatory to attend classes?
    No, in general. Some exceptions may occur. For details, ask the coordinator of the Faculty which manages the Degree program you are interested in.

  • Do I have to enroll in the courses to attend classes?
    No. Some Prof.s may ask for you to use the Moodle platform. For details search the teacher profile (in Catalogo Corsi/Courses Catalog) or email the Prof.

  • Are the lessons online or face-to-face?
    Both, currently.

  • How can I attend classes online?
    Use the link published in the teacher profile or in the timetable of the classes of each degree program (Catalogo Corsi/ Courses Catalog). In case, ask the coordinator of the Faculty which manages the Degree program you are interested in.

  • What do I have to do to attend classes in person?
    You must reserve a seat with the Prodigit platform. More details here

  • Where are the lessons held?
    The classrooms are in the main campus (Piazzale Aldo Moro, n. 5) or in Via Salaria 113. The timetable of the classes shows where the lessons are held. A map of the main campus is available here.

  • Can I ask Prof. to change the curriculum or the language of instruction?
    No. study programs and language of teaching are published in advance and cannot be changed.

  • Is it mandatory to book exams on Infostud?
    Before taking any exam, you must always book it on the Infostud platform.

  • Where can I find the exam dates?
    They are available in the teacher profile , and on the Infostud platform.

  • I made a mistake in booking an exam on Infostud, what can I do?
    You can delete the wrong reservation and do a new one.

  • I cannot show up for an exam that I booked on Infostud, what should I do?
    You must delete the reservation and notify the Prof. via email.

  • Can I refuse the vote proposed by the Professor?

  • Can I retake an exam?

  • Can I extend my mobility?
    Yes. You must ask your home University first. Then you must inform the Sapienza coordinator with the new end date.

  • How can I receive my documents at the end of mobility?
    After the last exam, wait for its registration, then write to coordinator’s Office asking for your final documents (Certificate of attendance, Transcript of Records, etc.) and provide him/her with your home coordinator’s email address. I’ll receive a list of the exams you took. After you confirm that the list is complete and correct, you and your home University will receive the documents. The end date will be the same as the last exam.

  • What is listed in the Transcript of Records?
    Taken exams, taken laboratories, the Italian language course.

  • How are  internship and thesis research activities certified?
    They are certified separately from the Transcript of Records, by the supervisor Prof. who followed those activities.

  • What dates are indicated on the certificate of attendance?
    The start date is the date indicated in the boarding pass or by the landlord. The end date is the same as the last exam.


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