Where is it possible to consult the Academic Calendar of the Communication and Social Research Department? 

The academic calendar for the Department of Communication and Social Research can be accessed through this link, where  you will find details regarding lesson and exam dates. If the calendar for the current year is  not yet available, it means that it will be updated soon. 

Who are the Erasmus contacts? 

Erasmus Department Administrative Coordinator (RAEF) 
For any administrative issues, please contact Francesco Pascuzzi at the following email address:       erasmuscomunicazione@uniroma1.it. 

Mobility Academic Coordinator (RAM) 
For educational-related inquiries, such as the formulation of the study plan or the signing of  the Learning Agreement, you may contact Professor Giovanna Gianturco at the following  email address: giovanna.gianturco@uniroma1.it

Where is it possible to find the list of subjects of the Department of Communication and  Social Research? 

You can find it in the Course Catalogue of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Sociology and Communications at this link
To view the subjects of each degree course, please navigate to the 'ATTENDANCE' section  (not the 'STUDY PLAN'). Next to each subject is indicated the specific semester during which  its lessons will take place. 

Where is it possible to find the lessons’ timetable?

The class schedules for the Department of Communication and Social Research can be found  on the following pages: 

For those who have chosen courses outside their department of choice (Coris), following  here you will be able to view the timetables and class schedules for example, of the courses  of Humanities and Economics. 

The class schedules of both Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree for the Department of Economics can be found at the following page

The class schedules for the department of “Lettere e Filosofia” can be found at the following website page

Secondly, proceed selecting the chosen course and then click on “frequentare”, where you  will find the timetable of the different classes. 

If the schedule for the current year is not available yet, it will be updated soon.

In which language are the lessons held?  

A flag is placed beside each degree course and beside each subject to indicate the language. 

Is it possible to attend subjects whose courses last the entire Academic Year? 

Yes, it’s possible. In this case the mobility must last the entire Academic Year or be extended  to one academic year (if the home University agrees with it).

Is it possible to attend courses in more than one faculty/department? 

Yes, it is. The complete Sapienza Catalogue is accessible through this link.
For any information  related to degree courses or  subjects from other departments, please refer to the respective websites or contact the relevant RAEF (Referenti Amministrativi Erasmus di Facoltà) using this link.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not allowed to take only one part  of structured exams across multiple modules. 

Is it necessary to look for a tutor for thesis research? 

Yes. You need to independently search for a tutor for your research. Subsequently, you  should reach out to the selected professor via e-mail. (The tutor will be necessary only if  your home university requires it)

Are there Italian Language Courses available for exchange students? 

Yes, they are provided by the Sapienza Language Centre (CLA). For additional information,please visit the CLA website.

Does Sapienza provide accommodation? 

Sapienza University does not provide student housing; however, you can explore affiliated  housing agreements and recommendations for accommodation options here

How can I use the canteen service? 

The Erasmus office will send you instructions for registering for the canteen service. Please  be aware that access to the canteen is only allowed after completing the arrival recording procedure outlined by the Erasmus office of your department.

How can I access Sapienza Libraries? Where are they located?

Incoming Erasmus students are granted access to all Sapienza libraries. You can find  additional helpful information, including the specific location of each library, at this link.



Is there a Welcome Day/Week? 

Sapienza University organizes Welcome Weeks twice a year, in September for the first  semester and in February for the second. Each faculty/department also hosts a Welcome Day during these weeks. You will receive an invitation.

How can I register the arrival?  

You will receive instructions by e-mail from the Erasmus office. 

Is it possible to change the Learning Agreement? 

Yes, it is possible. To make any changes, please contact your university through the Online Learning Agreement platform (OLA) or, alternatively, through the section dedicated to  changes in the printed version of the Learning Agreement. The person responsible for  approving the Learning Agreement and its subsequent changes is the Academic Coordinator, Giovanna Gianturco

Is it necessary to enroll in the courses in order to attend classes? 

Generally, it is not required, but it is recommended to check the professors' personal pages  for additional information and details. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not formally requested to subscribe  to each subject or course on your Learning Agreement.

Are the lessons and the exams held online or face-to-face? 

All lessons and exams are conducted exclusively in-person. 

Where are the lessons held? 

Information regarding the location of classes is available in the course timetable. There, you  can find details such as classroom numbers and building names. By entering the building  code on  this platform, it is possible to find where the  building is located. 

PLEASE NOTE: The vast majority of the Courses are  held in the main Campus and not in the Coris department. Sapienza University has more than one campus, the main Campus is  located in Piazzale Aldo Moro 5 00185 – Rome. The Department of Communication and  Social Research is located in Via Salaria, 113 00198 - Rome. 

What is Infostud? 

Infostud serves as the students' platform for exam enrollment. You are not required to create  an Infostud profile; instead, you will receive your Infostud credentials (student ID and  password) via e-mail. 
You will be able to complete the registration only once you’ve registered your arrival. 

To access it, click here: Infostud Access

What should I do if I have forgotten my Infostud password? 

ITo utilize the password recovery tool, click on 'Forgot your password?' located near the 
'ACCEDI' login button here: link to the page. If the  automatic password reset proves unsuccessful, please send an email to: (erasmusincoming@uniroma1.it). 

How to get the student card?

Please follow the instructions provided on this page (you will also receive an e-mail regarding  this matter).

Is it mandatory to book exams on Infostud? 

It is mandatory to complete the registration before taking any exam, and each exam booking  has its own deadline. If the exam is not registered  on Infostud, it will not be possible to  include it in the Transcript of Records.

Where are the exams’ dates?

Examination dates are provided on Infostud. For additional details, please refer to the  professor's page. 

Is it possible to delete an exam reservation?  

You can delete an exam reservation on Infostud, but please note that cancellations are  definitive. It is recommended to exercise caution, as there are specific deadlines for both  reserving and deleting exam slots.

If it is not possible to show up for an exam already booked, what should you do?  

It is recommended to cancel the reservation. If this is no longer possible, please inform the professor of your absence via e-mail. 

Is it possible to refuse the grade proposed by the professor? 

Yes, and you have the option to retake the exam. For additional information, please refer to  the professor’s page. 

Is it possible to extend mobility? 

Yes, but it is necessary to ask the home university for this. Subsequently, it is mandatory to  notify Sapienza RAEF about the updated end date. 



How is it possible to receive the documents at the end of the mobility? 

To obtain the Transcript of Records and the Certificate of Attendance, you may request them  by sending an e-mail to the Erasmus office. 

What is the Transcript of Records?

The Transcript of Records is a document that records the examinations taken, workshops  attended, and Italian courses completed during the mobility period. 

What is the Certificate of Attendance? 

The Certificate of Attendance is a document that states the starting and end dates of  mobility. The starting date corresponds to the date indicated on the boarding pass (or the  semester’s starting date) and the end date corresponds to the date of when the final exam  has been taken. 

How are the thesis research activities certified? 

The certification is done independently of the Transcript of Records and is carried out by the  professor who supervised the student in those activities. 


  • For further useful information (e.g. application procedures, Italian language courses, accommodation, Welcome Week), please consult this page

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